BBC campaign – August Demo

Next BBC demo is in the afternoon – come and join us!

Great conversations take place when you are holding a banner!

You don’t have to get up early to join the next demo at Broadcasting House! We will be keeping up the pressure on the BBC to include humanists on Thought for the Day with an afternoon protest – from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 14 August.

Enjoy what is forecast to be a sunny afternoon in central London supporting a worthwhile cause – to get the BBC to treat non-religious beliefs equally with faiths.

At the moment religion is kept in a kind of purdah – protected from the rest of our ideas about how to live and what life is all about. Isn’t it time to let it out and take its place in public alongside other worldviews? After all, that’s how religious and non-religious ideas evolved in the first place, in conversation with each other. We need to understand each other and feel confident to investigate and challenge each other’s ideas. Come on BBC – make Thought for the Day more relevant and interesting for everyone.