BBC campaign update

Think for yourself, act for everyone: the humanist slogan was tweeted by SELHuG’s Trevor Moore as apposite in the time of coronavirus. It obviously chimed because it was viewed thousands of times.

Having a strong set of principles helps us navigate when seas get rough – cut through fear, avoid panic and toss absurd, unproven claims aside. It allows us to press on with the business of looking after ourselves, others, and the planet so that we can live life.

So now as much as ever, we should be talking about Humanism and the incredible back catalogue of thought it represents. A worldview that can bring everyone together, regardless of background, to behave more rationally and less selfishly, and look to the long term, should surely be part of the national conversation.

So we call on the BBC, today, to put Humanism on an equal footing with religious world views, starting by including Humanist and other non-religious thinkers on Thought for the Day. Coronavirus means we won’t be demonstrating outside your gates, but our arguments are stronger than ever.