Bromley May Meeting: Facts and evidence in a post-truth world

When: Wednesday 9th May, 2 – 4pm
Where: Bromley (map)

Dr Liam Shaw on Facts and evidence in a post-truth world.

Are we living in a post truth world?  Every day we hear claims about health, politics and society:  how to fix education, cut crime , improve our health or save the environment. Some of these claims are based on reliable evidence. Many are not. However, what is the point? “Facts don’t work” according to the people behind some recent (successful) election campaigns. Is it true? And, if so, why? In his talk Dr Shaw will discuss evidence, fact-checking and bullshit, with examples drawn from lots of different areas. He will cover Sense and Science’s campaigns to encourage people to ask for evidence, their success and the many challenges still faced.

Liam Shaw is computational biologist at University College, London. He has been involved with Sense and Science since Autumn 2015.