Catford February Meeting: The Science of Climate Change

When: Thursday 16th February 2017, 7.30pm
Where: Catford (map)

The Science of Climate Change

How is human activity affecting natural climate change and what do current trends tell us?

Speaker: Dr Andrew Haggart, Principal Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Greenwich

What is the science behind our knowledge of the earth’s climate? How do we know which changes are ‘natural’, and which caused by human activity?

¬†Dr Haggart’s current research is in Holocene land and sea-level changes in south east England. The main research techniques used include pollen and diatom analysis, interpretation of sediments and stratigraphy, and radiocarbon dating. These techniques are widely used in the broad field of reconstructing environmental history and charting early human alteration of the environment.

Dr Haggart will explain the main measures of climate change, how scientists differentiate between natural and man-made change, and how the evidence is stacking up.