Catford February Meeting: What is Humanist Song?

When: Thursday 19th February 2015, 7.30pm
Where: Catford (map)

An evening of music and discussion: What is a Humanist Song?

Barbara Chandler and Terry Ballard (Brighton Humanists) will lead this session as part of their project to develop a collection of humanist music – for use as a songbook for communal singing and as performance (not in competition with the BHA choirs but complementary with them).

Terry will perform for us a few of the songs that we have already collected…and we will hope to try out a few together (please note: no one will be forced to sing if you are uncomfortable!)

In discussion we’ll explore the definition of a ‘humanist song’. Terry suggests: …it is a song which conveys explicitly or implicitly, usually but not exclusively through its lyrics, intentionally or otherwise, a humanist theme, principle, notion, idea, sentiment, concept, moral or ethic.

If you wish to be involved, please do:
Think of a song which seems to fit your definition of a humanist one
Bring it’s words with you on the evening
Be ready to talk about it!