Catford March meeting: Tides of change within RE

When: Thursday 16th March 2017, 7.30pm
Where: Catford (map)

Tides of change within Religious Education: where has it been, what is it doing and where’s it going?

Talk by John Holroyd, former Head of Religious Studies & Philosophy at St Dunstan’s College

During the past forty years, Religious Education has been like many other aspects of education, a pawn on the chessboard of governmental and ecclesiastical power politics, to name but two interlopers into that sacred realm. Education means to ‘lead out’ but where has Religious Education taken pupils over the past forty years or so and where will it take the minds and hearts of pupils in the future?

Religion is in the news as much as ever and in a very different way to how it featured in the 1960s and ‘70s. How far the teaching and objectives of Religious Education have mirrored the realities and representations of religion in society more broadly is part of what we shall consider. Come and join the debate on 16th March.

John Holroyd was Head of Religious Studies & Philosophy at St. Dunstan’s College in southeast London for over twenty years, before teaching at the London School of Philosophy. He is currently writing a book entitled ‘Judging Religion’. Some of his views about religion can be found in his article ‘Between Dawkins and God’ published in Philosophy Now Magazine: Issue 86.