Faith Group Meeting

Following the attacks in Paris, our ex-Chair James Dobson joined members of the various Faiths represented in Lewisham to demonstrate local solidarity and to get police updates. We feel it is very important that Humanists are represented at these meetings and the non-religious point of view is also expressed.

Faith leaders issued a joint statement which you can read here.

IMG_1271A lot of the police led discussion centred around issues regarding ‘hate crime’ and its reporting.  There was a call for the council (Mayor) to organise a meeting to ensure that it involves all the faith groups and representatives from the community at large recognising that there is a need to include ‘non believers’.  At one point James made a suggestion that whatever the ecumenical differences between our various groups it would be useful if we were to all acknowledge that as human beings we are all responsible for our own actions.

It was confirmed that there will be another ‘Inter Faith Walk’ to be held during the last weekend in May a similar timing to the one earlier this year, which you can read about here.