Join us at the TFTD Anniversary Demo!

Join us this Tuesday for TFTD anniversary demo!

The Thought for the Day campaign celebrates its FIRST ANNIVERSARY this month! Please get along to the demonstration on Tuesday morning (11 June) at 8am to 10am outside Broadcasting House if you can and join the fun. The South East London Humanist Group (SELHuG) leading the campaign will be calling on Today editor Sarah Sands to come out and talk to them. She has previously told them she is sympathetic.

The monthly demonstrations outside the BBC, along with letter-writing and signature gathering, call on the BBC to include humanists and other non-religious thinkers on its flagship reflective slot. Thought for the Day is just the tip of an iceberg, freezing non-religious voices out of philosophical and ethical programmes.

A host of celebs including Jim Al-Khalili, Sandi Toksvig, Alice Roberts and Julian Baggini have given their support to the campaign over the last year, as well as former National Secular Society presidents and SELHuG luminaries Barbara Smoker and Denis Cobell. The campaign has a new banner and flyer (see picture) to celebrate the start of its second year.