March meeting: Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

When: Thursday 4 March, 7.30pm
Where: Online via Zoom: click link here

“But you’ll be dead” – this is what I sometimes politely remind clients when I am taking their instructions for Wills (not always using those exact words I might add). Unfortunately, some people don’t quite grasp the dead bit. 
Ann Pickering

In this session, Ann will explain what a Will does and if there is any scope for controlling your affairs after your death. 

Then she will move on to  talk about Lasting Powers of Attorney. Now, these really do allow you to control decisions, but in your lifetime and are very handy if you become one of the increasing number of people living longer but losing mental capacity. Ann will explain how to make Lasting Powers of Attorney and you are welcome to draft yours along with her if you are happy to flip between screens. 

Ann will also touch on how making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney may or may not support the humanist cause.  

Ann is a private client solicitor who qualified in 2004 having switched career to do something different. Previously she was a health researcher in the NHS and voluntary sector. Both careers have given her a keen interest in end of life matters.