New Cross February meeting: Singapore on Thames

When: Thursday 1st February 2018, 7.30pm
Where: New Cross (map)

Singapore on Thames: who benefits from Britain’s development strategy?

One vision of post-Brexit Britain is a low tax economy like Singapore. In January Theresa May said no deal would be better than a bad deal with the EU because “we would have the freedom to set the competitive tax rates” to attract companies and investors. John Christensen, Director of Tax Justice Network, explores what this would mean for Britain and who benefits.

John Christensen is an economist and activist. He is co-producer of the documentary “The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire” that shows how Britain transformed from a colonial power into a global financial power. He is now working (with the same production team) on a new documentary film with the working title “The Tangled Web”, which will explore Britain’s vulnerability to a political economy phenomenon known as the Finance Curse.