New Cross Oct meeting: Anti-Semitism

When: Thursday 3rd October, 7.30pm
Where: New Cross Learning (map)

Anti-semitism in pre-war Britain and now

Historian David Rosenberg, known for his walks uncovering the history of anti-fascism and anti-racism in East London, will be looking at the anti-semitism row in the Labour Party today and setting it in the context of 20th century history.

David Rosenberg was born in London in 1958. His grandparents came to the East End as Jewish immigrants from the Tsarist Russian Empire in the 1900s. At first they lived just off Cable Street, then later on Princelet Street and Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane.

David divides his working time between adult education teaching, training teachers, working on educational and cultural projects, writing, giving talks and guiding people on radical history walks.

As a teacher and educationalist he has  participated in projects in Uganda, South Africa and India. His writing on history and current affairs has featured on several Channel4 websites and in many print publications including the Guardian, New Statesman, Red Pepper, Morning Star and Time Out. He is the author of Battle for the East End: Jewish responses to fascism in the 1930s, (Five Leaves Publications, 2011) and Rebel Footprints: a guide to uncovering London’s radical history (Pluto Press, 2015)

A second edition of Rebel Footprints was published earlier this year and copies of the book will be on sale at the talk.

David leads ‘East End Walks’ so that people:

  • learn about the East End’s inspiring history – the daily hardships and challenges and the battles and triumphs
  • know how the Jewish experience links to that of other immigrant groups who have come to the East End
  • are aware of the courage and self-sacrifice of Londoners who spoke many mother tongues but who combined in common campaigns for better lives in our city.