Preview: January – July 2022

Please read below to see what meetings we have lined up for the first half of next year. We hope that this is an interesting mixture of relevant subjects for monthly meetings, with some more social events to be added as we go through the year.

We hope you will join us. Get the dates in your diary!!

6 January: Our much-loved ‘Ethical dilemmas’ session on Zoom, chaired as ever by SELHuG Communications guru Sam Becker. Everyone is invited to bring an ethical dilemma which we will debate. A fast-paced, lively session where everyone can air their views.

22 January: Outing to see the ‘We are History’ exhibition at Somerset House.

3 February: ‘Defining Humanism’, a talk followed by discussion with SELHuG Secretary Hester Brown. In 1952 the first World Humanist Congress, forerunner of Humanists International, agreed the Amsterdam Declaration which sets out the principles of modern humanism. It was updated in 2002. Starting with the declarations, we will explore other contemporary and older definitions and ask, “How would we define humanism?”

3 March: Brigid Gardner, member of Humanists UK and Make Votes Matter, on the need for electoral reform in the UK. She says: “The electoral system is the foundation on which a democracy rests. Our current ‘First Past The Post’ system is deeply flawed and consequently so is our Democracy.” Brigid will explore the impact of our current system on how the UK is run, and what it could be like if we had proportional representation, as well as suggesting what we can do about it.

7 April: ‘Celebrating Spring with readings and songs’, a fundraiser for Action for Refugees in Lewisham (AFRIL)

5 May: Aspects of social care provision (to be confirmed) 

9 June: Sam Becker reviews one or more books on humanist utopias or hope for humanity: Humankind, a hopeful history by Rutger Bregman, who also wrote Utopia for Realists and how we can get there (and this possibly the start of a reading list)
(Note that this is the second Thursday of the month to avoid the extra bank holiday on the 2nd!)

7 July: AGM