Review: Colour and Vision at the National History Museum

img_0678On the afternoon of the 2nd October a small group of us met at the Natural History Museum to visit the Colour and Vision exhibition currently running.

The exhibition follows the evolutionary journey of how vision first evolved and how colour in nature developed.

This was a carefully thought out exhibition with lots of fascinating material to see. As well as the displays of fossils, animals and other material, we could also investigate how different animals see the world with a wonderful interactive display (which was lots of fun) and watch films. There was lots of information about how vision evolved in various ways, how different eyes worked and amazing displays of colour pigments and iridescence.
There was a machine at the front of the exhibition with which you could take a picture of your eye – some of the photos were part of the exhibition as a large, ever changing wall of different coloured eyes – rather beautiful, even if it sounds somewhat strange!

We all really enjoyed the exhibition and urge you to go if you haven’t seen it. It is on until the 6th November so there is not long left! More details here.

After the exhibition we enjoyed tea and cake in the cafe while discussing our thoughts on the exhibition and many other related matters.