Review: Discussion Evening

After our usual ‘ethical dilemma’ discussion in January, it was felt that another evening in the year to talk about various issues amongst ourselves would be interesting. So at our April meeting we gathered together, fuelled with tea/coffee and biscuits as usual, and settled in for a session of sharing our thoughts and views. We wrote down various questions/issues and these were then grouped together to give us some larger areas of discussion.

The evening centred mostly around politics, not surprisingly considering what is happening both nationally and globally. Topics ranged between the election, Brexit, the EU generally and the role of the media. Other topics that we discussed were limits to freedom of speech; Grammar schools and private education; and whether Humanist morality can/should be based on science.

Lots of interesting topics and differing points of view, along with a respect for hearing everyones’ thoughts and a willingness to really explore ideas, led to an interesting evening.