Review: Ethical Dilemmas

We had a good turnout for our discussion of ethical dilemmas last month, with the addition of some welcome fresh faces. This meeting was held in the Rose pub, our usual library venue being closed for the holidays, and maybe our proximity to the bar contributed to the proceedings – a very lively debate in which many views were aired and no conclusions reached!

The following dilemmas were discussed:

1. Where should the balance be struck between community cohesion and compassion for refugees and migrants

2. Is it democratic, and therefore ethical, to hold a second Brexit vote?

3. Is my opinion of a painting, a building, a piece pf music, an economic forecast or a political strategy as valid as that of a so called ‘expert’?

4. Should it be a criminal offence in the UK to accuse children of witchcraft or to suggest they are infected with evil spirits?

5. Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession. Who is the criminal – the seller, the buyer or neither?

6. When people say they are ‘moving an event forward’, should it mean forward in time, i.e. to a later time rather than an earlier time?

7. Is a victim-less crime wrong?

8. What is wrong with the development of Donald Trump’s wall?

Our chair, Hester Brown, brought the meeting to a formal close as usual at 9.30pm but it was an indication of the interest that the debate had generated that many of those present stayed on, arguing and drinking, till nearly closing time.

A good start to the year!

Our President, Barbara Smoker, telling us about the publication of her Autobiography before the start of the meeting