Review: Ethical dilemmas

Our January meeting was our annual ‘ethical dilemma’ session, with members bringing questions and moral conundrums to be discussed by the group.

Our usual New Cross venue was not available so we met opposite, at the Rose Inn pub. We had reserved a very pleasant, quiet room at the back of the pub and, with us grouped around tables and with our drinks of choice to hand, we were ready to start.

The questions this time included:

Is it acceptable to bring an unwanted child into the world?

Should one celebrate a new relationship or be prepared for its end?

How do you manage religious neighbours?

Should we apply the same legal standards to military personnel as we do to civilians?

Is it right to sack politicians who could be forgiven?

Would humanoid sexbots be preferable to human prostitutes?

All the questions led to interesting, in depth discussions which sometimes dug down into the meaning of the question and sometimes broadened the focus to more general ideas (e.g. what is forgiveness?). We were very pleased to be joined by a few new people, who participated fully in the discussions, and everyone enjoyed both the social and more thought-provoking parts of the evening. As one new person wrote on meetup: “very open and interesting discussion of a range of topics, with different points of view allowed without fear of censure”