Review: Humanism at local Faith Fair

LESOCO logoRepresenting humanism at students’ faith fair

SELHuG had a stand at the Lewisham Southwark College Faith Fair in March, something the group has been doing for a good few years.

It was great to meet students and staff – and the other stall holders from groups as diverse as the Lewisham Islamic Centre, the Catford & Bromley Synagogue and the local Nichiren Buddhists.

Most of the students had never heard of humanism. I know from my own children that even humanism as a guiding principle of the Renaissance is no longer routinely taught. Where to begin to explain?

‘Good without god’ is an obvious starting point, but when contemporary atheism is only part of the story, when so much humanist thought has been shared with and in dialogue with religious thought – in all cultures – through the millennia, it’s not enough.

Still, we got an invitation to go back and talk to students in the classroom where we can continue the conversation. Thank you LESOCO for a great faith fair.

Hester Brown (SELHuG Treasurer)