Review of AGM

On the 16th July our Annual General Meeting was held, which included a review of the year and interesting discussion on a number of points. Below is a brief outline of the meeting.
If you are a member and wish to see a copy of the new constitution please email us at

Our Chair, Sam Becker, welcomed everyone and gave a review of the year’s events. There had been much progress with our online presence and a full timetable of meetings and other events.

Our Treasurer, Hester Brown, outlined our finances. There had been a bigger expenditure this year, mostly due to paying for website/newsletter redesign and buying a projector, but these were one-off costs. There was discussion about contributions to the Freethinker and Uganda Schools Trust. Hester also lead discussion about possible future fundraising efforts, both for our coffers and for a potential local charity.
Agreement was reached that annual subscriptions are to remain the same; £1 donations will be made at all events from September, not just the monthly meetings.

The next part of the meeting involved discussion of the draft of our new constitution. Some wording was slightly altered and some ideas were debated and not adopted. Overall agreement was reached and the new constitution was adopted.

The Secretary of the Bromley Group, Asad Abbas, updated us on their position and it was agreed that the officers from both groups would meet to ensure continued mutual cooperation between the groups and to agree on the best ways to work together and support each other.

Committee member Denis Cobell gave a short review of the recent BHA AGM and an appreciation for Don Langdown, a very prominent and long term member who is moving away from the area.

There was the election of officers and committee with the following results:
Chair: Sam Becker
Secretary: Libby Oakden
Treasurer: Hester Brown
Committee: Denis Cobell, Sam Mack-Poole, Trevor Moore

In AOB, Sam mentioned a pro-choice group in Lewisham that we felt we would want to support in the coming year and there was an update on the Lewisham SACRE from James Dobson.