Review: SELHuG at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day

“How Humanist Are You?” is a multiple choice quiz on the Humanists UK website: when it first appeared a few years ago, it was fashionable for celeb supporters to tweet their results, eg “I am 94% Humanist!”

We’ve been inviting visitors to our stall at the Nunhead Cemetery Open Day to fill out a paper version, and the good news is – there are lots of humanists out there! Lots of people, old and young, did the quiz this year with most discovering they are 100% humanist. While the quiz sometimes teases out people’s ambivalence about religion and yearning for it to be true, this year our visitors were so sceptical and secularist in outlook, the quiz barely did them justice!

Anyway, it was another lovely Nunhead outing, the weather was kind, ice cream was plentiful and rhubarb and homemade marmalade on sale as usual. What’s not to like?