Social media

SELHuG are reaching out! Into our local community and the wider Humanist world. If you are on any of the social media below then please support us by getting involved.
The more of our members we have on sites like Facebook and Meetup, the more accurate a reflection of our meetings our online presence is and the more attractive our events are to people that encounter us online and might be interested in coming along in person. So please consider signing up to some of these sites if you are not already.
These places also offer us spaces to communicate between ourselves between meetings and events. If you want to be connected and share your thoughts then get involved!
If you have any problems or have questions then please do email us on

We are @SELnHumanists. Please follow!

A Page which is for information that anyone can read.
Go here and click ‘like page’ to follow and support the page.
A Group which is closed – anyone can see the group and who are members but only members can see posts and get involved, so this is a space for us to chat amongst ourselves.
Go here where you can click to join the group. Your request will need to be approved by an admin. before you can join in and post.

Go here  to join the group. When you have joined you will be emailed about any forthcoming meetups. You can add reviews of past meetings and make comments on future meetings.

Go here  to follow the group and view information on meetings etc. You can add comments to events and posts.