Thoughtful Tales for Growing Minds

The Uganda Humanist Schools Trust (one of the charities we regularly support) has set up a Human Studies Project with schools in Uganda. They are creating a resource bank of materials on important topics and approaching them in an empathetic humanist way.

For primary children they have developed the concept of Thoughtful Tales for Growing Minds and are writing a series of books that teachers and adults can read to encourage children to explore their feelings and develop a sense of empathy with the plight of others. The books are being written for an international audience and are illustrated by the talented Helen Machin-Mayer. 

The first book, “Humfry Hippo Moves Home”, is now available. So, if you are looking for a little extra gift that children or grandchildren will remember, then this might be it.

The book is published by Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, price £10. All proceeds will be used by the Trust to support the education of needy children in humanist schools in Uganda. Full details and buying options are on their website.