Write for Rights campaign

When: Thursday 9 December, 6 – 7pm
Where: via Zoom. Link here.

Write for Rights Letter writing session

For the last couple of years, our December meeting has involved a short introduction to the Amnesty International Write for Rights campaign, with some actual letter writing when we met in person. This campaign is held every year during November and December, encouraging people to write messages of support to people around the world who have suffered injustice and to write appeal letters to figures in authority. You can find out more here.

This year our December meeting is still on the topic of Human Rights but we will be joined by Lillie Ashworth from Humanists International to talk about their important work around the globe (see more on that meeting here) instead.

However, we still wanted to offer everyone a chance to take part in the Write for Rights campaign. So we are holding a short online meeting, on the eve of Human Rights Day (10th Dec), which will start with a short introduction and a sharing of resources to help you get involved. There will be plenty of advice if this is your first time taking part in something like this.

This is intended to be a hands-on session – so have your paper/cards and pens ready, a mug of your favourite drink to hand, and be ready to write some letters. And don’t worry if you feel your handwriting won’t be up to it as there will be some template letters to print out. It’s only an hour and you can just drop in for some of the session if you prefer….so we hope you will join us!