Welcome to our website.

SELHuG is a group for humanists, and people interested in a non-religious world view, in south-east London.

Humanism is an everyday philosophy, a positive, practical approach to life which is open to every single person.

We hold monthly meetings, often with a speaker, to discuss philosophy and ethics, current affairs and social justice issues.

We organise public and social events, and support humanist campaigns and charities.

SELHuG is also a hub for professional and volunteer practitioners in south-east London such as humanist celebrants, school volunteers and interfaith activists.

Please do browse the website and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings or events we will be very happy to welcome you, whatever your interest and level of involvement.

SELHuG is a partner of Humanists UK and affiliated to the National Secular Society.

Where is SELHuG meeting in 2022?

We are now back in New Cross Learning – the community library where we usually meet – for our regular monthly meetings.

We continue to zoom the meetings for those that are unsure about meeting in person or unable to make the meetings physically. We have realised that this is very welcome from some of our members, especially when it is dark in the Winter, so we are planning to keep this ‘hybrid’ model going, as much as we can.

We might sometimes need to make the decision to keep the meeting as a purely online event, so please do keep an eye on the website and newsletter for updates, and get in touch via selhuginfo@gmail.com if you have any questions.

For those that are ready to (carefully!) attend physical gatherings, we have started running social events again this year – to galleries, museums, cafes, etc – please see the website and newsletter for updates on these events. 

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