Here you will find news from SELHuG and the Bromley Humanists.

New Cross March Meeting: Morality as cooperation

When: Thursday 7th March, 7.30pmWhere: New Cross (map) Morality as cooperation: how evolution explains ethics Where does the human desire to ‘be good’ come from? What roles do nature and nurture play? In this talk Dr Oliver Scott Curry explains how science has explained morality, why there are multiple moral instincts, which moral rules are… Read more »

Review: Ethical Dilemmas

We had a good turnout for our discussion of ethical dilemmas last month, with the addition of some welcome fresh faces. This meeting was held in the Rose pub, our usual library venue being closed for the holidays, and maybe our proximity to the bar contributed to the proceedings – a very lively debate in… Read more »

Bromley February meeting: Discussion

When: Wednesday 13th February, 2 – 4pmWhere: Bromley (map) Discussion: “Monotheism is the greatest disaster to have befallen Mankind”? Graham Bell will outline the new analytical techniques that have been used over the last 50 years by impartial scholars to investigate the foundational claims of the 3 major Abrahamic religions.  Recent archaeology contradicts many of… Read more »

February social: evening drinks

When: Monday 25th February, from 7pmWhere: Catford Constitutional Club, Catford Broadway, SE6 4SP (map) You have to look carefully for the entrance to the pub (see photo on the left) – if you aren’t sure when you arrive, call Sam on 07711 132023. Please come along and join us for a relaxed evening of conversation… Read more »

New Cross February meeting: Freedom from Torture

When: Thursday 7th February, 7.30pmWhere: New Cross (map) Torture is one of the most serious human rights abuses and yet it persists in many parts of the world. Drawing on the experience of Freedom from Torture, the only organisation in the UK dedicated solely to the treatment of torture survivors, Sonya will explore rising threats… Read more »