Here you will find news from SELHuG and the Bromley Humanists.

BBC campaign update

Think for yourself, act for everyone: the humanist slogan was tweeted by SELHuG’s Trevor Moore as apposite in the time of coronavirus. It obviously chimed because it was viewed thousands of times. Having a strong set of principles helps us navigate when seas get rough – cut through fear, avoid panic and toss absurd, unproven… Read more »

Notes from Denis Cobell talk

In March the Bromley group were joined by Denis Cobell to talk about his life and his Presidency of the National Secular Society. For those that could not make the meeting, Denis has kindly shared his notes for us:

Review: Child Protection

At our meeting in March we were joined by Jenny Pearce, Professor of Young People & Public Policy, University of Bedfordshire and visiting professor at Goldsmiths University. Her professional interest is in the procedures and mechanisms available to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation (CSA/E). She said that sexual abuse takes many forms: abuse… Read more »

Review: Brunel Museum

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an engineer responsible for many great scientific & engineering projects of a unique nature in the Victorian era. Prominent amongst these was the Thames Tunnel at Rotherhithe. Commenced by IK Brunel’s father, Marc Brunel, it was the first successful tunnel under a major waterway anywhere in the world. From the initial… Read more »

Coronavirus message

Alas, we too have to cancel all our meetings and social events while the coronavirus crisis lasts. That means no monthly meetings at New Cross Learning, or ‘Thought for the Day’ demonstrations, or social outings. The Nunhead Cemetery Open Day and Telegraph Hill Festival which we participate in are cancelled. The Bromley Group has suspended… Read more »