BBC campaign update and Jan demo

Committee member Trevor Moore reports…

A trusty trio of stalwart demonstrators (four if you include Jango the Shiittzu, pictured on coffee break) braved the early morning chill on 10th December to continue the protest outside the BBC on Portland Place. As always we handed out hundreds of flyers and received numerous acknowledgements and expressions of agreement with our campaign to change the minds of the powers that be to allow the humanist, non-religious worldview to be included in the Today programme’s Thought for the Day slot.¬†

The founding father of the demo, David Smart, handed in a letter addressed to Jonathan Munro, Head of News-gathering, in the hope that he might influence the thinking of James Purnell, Director of Radio and Education. We persevere in the hope that those humanist attributes of common sense and fairness will win the day!

Our next demo is on Tuesday 14th January, 4 – 6pm. Please join us if you can.