BBC campaign update and June demo

On 14th May, from 4-6pm, we held our twelfth ‘Thought for the Day’ demo at the BBC. 

As always, we had numerous curious passers-by as well as BBC staff giving us the thumbs up. We can’t blame BBC personnel who come to speak in our support for wishing to remain anonymous, though we do have many regulars who give us the thumbs up. Some stop to tell us we must persevere, which is motivating.

For the most part, those who stop to chat share our views, but we do have the occasional discussion with those of a religious persuasion who (to paraphrase) are guided by the threat of judgment day in believing we are barking up the wrong tree.

Our May event ended a year’s cycle, meaning that our 11th June demo from 8-10am will be our anniversary event. Do come and join us! We are hoping for a decent crowd and will be urging Sarah Sands (editor of the Today programme) to come and talk to us. After all, we’re all on the verge of collapse over their endless coverage of You Know What. So we’ll tell her she needs some sensible humanists to bring their listeners back to earth.