Bromley February meeting: Discussion

When: Wednesday 13th February, 2 – 4pm
Where: Bromley (map)

Discussion: “Monotheism is the greatest disaster to have befallen Mankind”?

Graham Bell will outline the new analytical techniques that have been used over the last 50 years by impartial scholars to investigate the foundational claims of the 3 major Abrahamic religions.  Recent archaeology contradicts many of these claims and, together with other evidence, make it beyond reasonable doubt that the contents of the sacred books involved are unfounded, or at best unreliable, and therefore should be considered irrelevant for modern life. Some of the less apparent effects of the influence of religion on modern society will be given in order to set up a discussion on the validity or otherwise of the title above.

Graham Bell is a retired physics teacher and a Humanist, active in various organisations.