Catford November Meeting: the Black Atheist experience

When: Thursday 19th November, 7.30pm
Where: Catford (map)
Speakers: Lola Tinubu and Clive Aruede (co-founders of London Black Atheists)

We are lucky to be joined this month by two of the co-founders of LBA to talk about ‘Overcoming the challenges of being black and being an atheist’


Lola Tinubu: I am originally from Nigeria. I have lived in the UK for 25 years. I am a Legal Representative for refugees and migrants, a job I have done for 14 years. I am a human right activist and a staunch supporter of the LGBT community. I am a feminist and an unapologetic atheist. I was raised in a devout Seventh Day Adventist Church family. My grandfather was one of the earliest SDA converts in Nigeria. At a point, I was a street preacher and a church worship leader. I have been a proud black is beautiful sheep of the family since leaving religion and being an open atheist. I am a co-founder and one of the organisers of the London Black Atheists (LBA).

Clive Aruede: I came to the UK with my parents when I was about six. We had a daily religious assembly at school, Sunday service in Methodist Church and bible studies in Sunday School. We could ask questions about religion but it was taken for granted that religion was true. As an adult I married a Catholic, converted to Roman Catholicism and trained as a Eucharistic Minister. Many years later our children were growning up and they asked me “Daddy, what is science?”. That innocent question led me on a journey of discovery that ended in my becoming an atheist and co-founding London Black Atheists.