Humanism in Action Conference

Every year, a couple of our committee members go along to the Humanists UK GRAM (Group Representatives Annual Meeting), where we meet fellow local group volunteers from around the country, find about about issues and learn from each other. It is always an interesting and inspiring event. 

The 2020 Sections Summit and GRAM were cancelled due to the pandemic. In their place, Humanists UK are hosting the Humanism in Action Conference, an entirely online event, taking place 1–3 October 2020.

This new and innovative event will bring together partner groups, sections, and branches from across the country to a series of workshops, networking events, and presentations, each delivered through online platforms. 

They have a few topics of conversation confirmed already and will facilitate a series of short discussions on innovative activities local groups are undertaking.

Are you interested in getting more involved with us or another local group? Maybe you want to see how other local groups around the country operate? Perhaps you are interested in how national issues can be reflected in local group activities? If you’d like the chance to be part of this wider discussion then please consider joining in. 

You can dip into the sessions which interest and it is free and open to all.  

Please click on this link to find out more and register.