July social: Smoke and Mirrors exhibition

When: Sunday 21 July at 11am
Where: We will meet at the Information Point, in the atrium on the ground floor. The Wellcome Collection is at 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE (map)
Contact on the day is Hester on 07791 460552

Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic

A free exhibition at the Wellcome Collection
“You won’t believe your eyes”
The Times

What can magic and conjuring tell us about the human mind? This July SELHuG visits the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition on the psychology of magic in search of the truth about deception.

“Explore how our biases affect our perception and whether our senses can be hacked. Discover spirit photography, magic props and psychology experiments to see how magic works on – and in – the mind of the spectator.

“Artefacts on display from the world of magic include the head of the gorilla costume worn by Derren Brown, Harry Houdini’s ‘Bell Box’, Tommy Cooper’s fez, and Paul Daniels’s sawing-in-half box.”

We will meet in the café afterwards for a chat.