Local humanists plant street tree with school to celebrate Earth Day

Humanist celebrants and SELHuG members were proud to raise £380 to plant a street tree outside Launcelot Primary School in Downham in the Borough of Lewisham.

The children were chuffed to have their own tree to water. It is one of seven crab apple trees planted on Launcelot Road with the help of local charity Street Trees for Life as part of a scheme to improve the environment around schools.

South East London humanists were responding to a call by the newly formed Humanist Climate Action to plant trees on Earth Day, 22 April. (See bottom of this post for more information on this new network.)

We told the children about Humanist Climate Action and left them with a copy of the book by Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young, What is Humanism? How do you live without a god? And Other Big Questions for Kids for their classroom.

Standing with the children are (L to R) school teacher Lizzie Hawkins, SELHuG treasurer Arun Muttreja and celebrant Anna Gurr. In the second pic, the pupil is using the special black funnel to water the tree properly.

Humanist Climate Action is a volunteer network bringing humanists together to promote low-carbon, ethical and sustainable living. Its launch event is: ‘Climate change: a human problem – a human solution’ on Thursday 13 May at 7.30pm, a Zoom discussion chaired by Alice Roberts with some exciting speakers including Professor Sarah Bridle and Mark Lynas.