New BHA campaign

The British Humanist Association are launching a new awareness-raising campaign, ‘Thought for the Commute’ 

Despite the number of people identifying as non-religious increasing year on year, which is now a majority, explicitly humanist or non-religious perspectives on contemporary ethical and moral issues are rarely heard in the media.

Just one example of this is Thought for the Day, the daily scripted slot on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 offering ‘reflections from a faith perspective on issues and people in the news’. Humanists and the non-religious have played an important role in shaping our laws and in championing human rights and a fairer society for everyone. It only makes sense that their views should be included as well.

Our campaign, Thought for the Commute, presents four humanist perspectives on one of life’s biggest questions: ‘What’s it all for?’ The campaign encourages everyone, whether religious or non-religious, to reflect on what helps create meaning in their own lives.

Posters featuring quotes and reflections from prominent and historic British humanists are to be placed in 100 locations on the London Underground from 22 September until 5 October.

During the period of 22 Sept – 5 Oct we will use social media to communicate the messages even wider. On Twitter we will be using the hashtag #humanist and will be posting about the campaign at 7:50 each morning with a humanist perspective. On Facebook we will do the same and encouraging our supporters to contribute their own thoughts.

Visit the website to find out more here