New Cross September meeting: Assisted suicide and UK legislation

When: Thursday 6th September 2018, 7.30pm
Where: New Cross (map)

Assisted suicide and UK legislation

Death is one of the biggest issues we will all have to deal with. In the UK, euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal. Recent landmark cases have raised issues and public opinion may be shifting towards greater freedom, yet our government, time after time (of whatever complexion) is not. It is one of the most challenging and complex debates of our time.

At September’s meeting we will be watching ‘Endgame: assisted suicide and legislative challenge’, a documentary by Andi Reiss which follows two people, Omid and Marie, as they live with severe medical conditions and make difficult decisions about their own deaths. The film explores the arguments for and against a change in the law to allow assisted suicide in the UK.

Trevor Moore, Humanist celebrant, will be presenting the film and leading discussion of the issues afterwards: what are our convictions, and should we tolerate the current legal situation? Would legislation allowing medically assisted death be a ‘slippery slope’?