Review: Prefab Museum visit

SELHuG outing to prefab museum 1Prefab perfection

The prefab museum is a charming, intimate introduction to prefab living – how it used to be for thousands of families in post-war Britain.

A group of us visited the museum, which is a house as it was, plus photo and video exhibitions, on the last remaining prefab housing estate in Britain – Catford’s Excalibur Estate. We were welcomed by friendly volunteers who also took us on a walk to see the prefab church. The estate – and its community – is slowly being dismantled to put up modern homes.

What is striking, as you leave the ordinary streets behind and enter Excalibur, is how green and peaceful it is: a mini garden city. Each bungalow has its own garden and is a small but perfectly designed world with substantial hall and kitchen, sitting room with fireplace and two bedrooms. You can see why children like growing up on them.

The museum is the vision and creation of Elisabeth Blanchet, photojournalist and curator.
She celebrates the launch of her book, Prefab Homes, this Saturday 25 October from 11am to 5pm at the Prefab Museum.

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