Review: September Social

For those of us who missed the recent social, Libby (SELHuG Secretary) has written to let us know about the evening:

28_thegipsymoth_pubhero_01Most of us arrived at the Gypsy moth in the half hour before 7pm as planned. Introductions were made between group members old and new and we welcomed folk back who we’d not seen for a while. The conversation began; where had everyone travelled from to get to Greenwich and what had brought everyone to Humanism? Some of us had humanist values but never had a belief in a deity and others found humanism when they searched for a new community after rejecting belief in an organised religion. It was interesting to hear about and to compare the views of two or three of the group who had lived in or visited India and discuss the varied and colourful regions and communities there.

We moved to a bigger space at the back of the pub as more people arrived and started to talk in smaller groups not only about culture and religion but also about what we’d done over the summer in far flung places and challenges and triumphs in our lives. We came together in the wider group again over some lovely food (thank you David) although there was a dividing ‘Marmite’ effect of the whitebait! All in all it was a marvellous Monday evening out.