Review: visit to the Pepys exhibition

IMG_0378On Sunday 21st January a small group of SELHuG members gathered together at the Maritime Museum in Greenwich to visit the Pepys Exhibition ‘Plague, Fire, Revolution’

This was curated to show different facets of his life and world – for example sections exploring ‘theatre’, ‘plague’, ‘the navy’ etc. It gave a very good overview of the richness of cultural and intellectual life that Pepys was immersed in. We joined together for tea and chat afterwards and agreed that we had all¬†learnt new things but some of us felt that the exhibition didn’t quite go into enough depth in certain areas. However, it was well presented and the general consensus was that it was very worth while visiting. If you couldn’t make it and are interested then it is running until 28th March and you can find out more information here.

It is always interesting to visit exhibitions and other events with like-minded people to share the experience. Please do keep an eye out for other trips we are organising!