Events Calendar

Below is an outline of our programme of events and meetings for the next few months

This overview is for easy reference to enable you to get dates in your diary. Nearer the time, more details will be available in individual posts on the website and all event details will be announced in our monthly newsletter.

6th: New Cross meeting Mythmas celebrations
11th: BBC campaign demo

12th: Bromley meeting
AGM and Mythmas celebrations

3rd: New Cross meeting Ethical Dilemmas – please note venue change – at the Rose pub
8th: BBC campaign demo
26th: Southbank walk and lunch

(no Bromley meeting this month)

7th: New Cross meeting Freedom from Torture; Speaker – Sonya Sceats, lawyer and expert in international human rights
12th: BBC campaign demo
13th: Bromley meeting
“Monotheism is the greatest disaster to have befallen Mankind”? A discussion led by Graham Bell
25th: Social evening drinks at the Catford Constitutional Club

7th: New Cross meeting Morality as cooperation: how evolution explains ethics; Speaker – Dr Oliver Scott Curry, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford.
12th: BBC campaign demo
13th: Bromley meeting
 I was president of the National  Secular Society for 25 years; Speaker – Barbara Smoker 

4th: New Cross meeting Crisis, Comfort, and Celebration: The future of community services for the non-religious; Speaker – Teddy Prout, Humanists UK’s Director of Community Services
9th: BBC campaign demo
10th: Bromley meeting
13th: Social 
visit to Halcyon Books and Manor House Gardens.

2nd: New Cross meeting: Food and Ethics; Speakers – Libby Oakden and Hester Brown
8th: Bromley meeting Health and financial powers of attorney; led by Pat Hawkins
14th: BBC campaign demo
18th: Nunhead Cemetery Open Day

2nd: visit to Crossness Pumping station

6th: New Cross meeting: International conflicts and ways to solve them; Speaker: Jane Kinninmont, researcher and writer
11th: BBC campaign demo
12th: Bromley meeting
Is Loyalty a good thing? led by Asad Abbas

4th: New Cross meeting: AGM and pub
9th: BBC campaign demo
10th: Bromley meeting The Trouble with Faith (in) Schools : Campaigning Against Illegitimate Religious Influence in Education; Speaker Ruth Wareham