Events Calendar

Below is an outline of our programme of events and meetings for the next few months

This overview is for easy reference to enable you to get dates in your diary. Nearer the time, more details will be available in individual posts on the website and all event details will be announced in our monthly newsletter.

2nd: New Cross meeting Ethical Dilemmas in the pub
14th: BBC campaign demo
19th: Troy Exhibition at British Museum
[No Bromley meeting this month]

6th: New Cross meeting Humanist Values and Digital Afterlives – Fighting for the Right to Control our Legacies with Dr Elaine Kasket
11th: BBC campaign demo
[No Bromley meeting this month]
20th: Social at Catford Mews – food/drink then NT: Live (Cyrano de Bergerac) from the cinema

5th: New Cross meeting Safeguarding our children: how to balance prevention of sexual exploitation of children with their freedom to prepare for life in the modern world with Professor Jenny Pearce
10th: BBC campaign demo
11th: Bromley meeting
Date tbc: Social – visit to the Brunel Museum

2nd: New Cross meeting Humanism and Extinction Rebellion with Robin Launder
14th: BBC campaign demo
8th: Bromley meeting
Date tbc: Social – Great North Wood walk (Dulwich/Sydenham area)

7th: New Cross meeting Judging religion with John Holroyd
12th: BBC campaign demo
13th: Bromley meeting
Date tbc: Social – Dulwich Park walk with tree guide

4th: New Cross meeting
9th: BBC campaign demo
10th: Bromley meeting
Date tbc: Social – possible bookshop crawl

2nd: New Cross meeting Annual General Meeting
14th: BBC campaign demo
8th: Bromley meeting