Events Calendar

Below is an outline of our programme of events and meetings for Jan – August 2018.

This overview is for easy reference to enable you to get dates in your diary. Nearer the time, more details will be available in individual posts on the website and all event details will be announced in our monthly newsletter.

4th: New Cross meeting Ethical Dilemmas – at the Rose pub, New Cross
6th: British Museum Living with Gods Exhbition
21st: walk Tracing the Tyburn
No Bromley Meeting in January

1st: New Cross meeting John Christensen on Singapore on Thames: who benefits from Britain’s development strategy?
14th: Bromley Meeting Mike Flood (from organisation Critical Information)
18th: brunch Birdie Num Nums cafe, New Cross

1st: New Cross meeting
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanism

14th: Bromley meeting Graham Bell will lead a discussion on How Fair is Fairtrade? 
18th: walk Happy Valley, leaving from Coulsdon South Station

5th: New Cross meeting Audrey Simmons speaking about Faith to Faithless, a community support network for apostates and the ex-religious

11th: Bromley meeting 
Dr Bob Gill on Understanding what is happening to our NHS
22nd: brunch Birdie Num Nums cafe, New Cross

3rd: New Cross meeting Gardner Thompson will be talking on Zionism and Britain: understanding the origins of Israel; followed by discussion
9th: Bromley meeting Dr Liam Shaw on Facts and evidence in a post-truth world
19th: Nunhead Cemetery Open Day
20th: walk 
Happy Valley, leaving from Coulsdon South Station

7th: New Cross meeting Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanism
12th: Broadcasting House demo (Thought for the Day campaign)
13th: Bromley meeting 
Don Roum on My Fifteen minutes of Fame
17th: brunch Canvas and Cream, Forest Hill

5th: New Cross meeting – AGM
11th: Bromley meeting Discussion
15th: walk Crystal Palace to Nunhead Cemetery
17th: Broadcasting House demo (Thought for the Day campaign)

11th: Lunch in Bromley
14th: Broadcasting House demo (Thought for the Day campaign)