Here you will find news from SELHuG and the Bromley Humanists.

Review: Sanderson on Secularism

In November, the Bromley Humanist Group were joined by Terry Sanderson (writer, journalist and President of the National Secular Society 2006 – 2017) to talk about The Meaning of Secularism and its place in the 21st century. This fascinating talk was extremely well received but almost impossible to summarise for the website. Terry has very… Read more »

March social: Brunel Museum

When: Sunday 15th March, meeting at the museum entrance at 11am Where: Brunel Museum, Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe, London, SE16 4LF (map) Tickets: £6 (£4 concessions)Travel: Access is easiest from nearby Rotherhithe Station on the London Overground, or by a short walk from Bermondsey Station on the Jubilee Line. Buses 381 and C10 stop at Rotherhithe Station…. Read more »

Review: Troy exhibition

The Trojan horse and Helen – who was so beautiful her face ‘launched a thousand ships’ – fragments of the ancient story of Troy are still told to children today. Troy, the city in the ancient world that was plunged into a ten-year war when the Trojan prince, Paris, stole Helen from her husband King… Read more »

BBC campaign update and Feb demo

BBC shrugs off appeal to radically overhaul Religion & Ethics category as a ‘complaint’ We wrote to the BBC Board in the most serious terms, asking them to bring the BBC in line with the law and its own Charter by treating Humanism and other non-religious beliefs equally with religious beliefs. We asked them to… Read more »

Review: Ethical Dilemmas

Should we renew Trident, Britain’s nuclear deterrent? If we have disposable income, should we donate a per centage of it to charity? What do you say to a friend who travels by air rather than land given its carbon footprint? These are just some of the fascinating questions posed at our annual ‘ethical dilemmas in… Read more »