Bromley: AGM notes and Oct meeting

October meeting:
Wednesday 11 October at 2.30 pm
Where: United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley, BR11RY
Subject: There will be a discussion of ethical issues.

AGM notes:
Bromley Humanist Group held an AGM on Wednesday, 13th September, 2023. 
Five members attended.
The Treasurer reported that we have several hundred pounds, which after paying outstanding amounts would still give us a healthy balance.
The Secretary/Treasurer said that he was not prepared to carry on in this manner for another year. 
The Chair/Secretary reported that the plan to hold evening zoom meetings during the past year had failed but, after talks with Andrew Copson, was hopeful of starting these in December 2023, for a total of four evening zoom meetings until April, when there would, hopefully, be a series of face-to-face evening meetings, with an AGM in August, 2024, when a new committee might be appointed.
The meeting agreed the proposal.
The Secretary/Chair was persuaded to continue afternoon meetings, if only to discuss “Ethical Issues” until December 2023.
The meeting then ended.