February Meeting: Defining Humanism

When: Thursday 3rd February, 7.30pm
Speaker: Hester Brown

This meeting will be in ONLINE ONLY: Zoom link HERE

An exploration of definitions old and new delving into the most fascinating subject of all – “What is life all about and how should we live it?”

Is individual freedom at the heart of the good life? Or is it civic engagement? At what point does libertarianism become destructive? Is society still at risk of making science a religion? Should maximum personal fulfilment really be the aim of Humanism?

Exploring definitions of humanism plunges us into the most fascinating ideas and conversations. Working out a philosophy for humanity requires knowledge of what people are like and how societies work – still very much a work in progress! It also requires knowledge of the wider natural world and our relationship with it.

But the problems we face are pressing; we urgently need good ideas. A look at definitions past and present show the dangers of the day and how humanists have ‘pushed back’ against war, totalitarian governments, terrifying technologies and more.

What are the threats we face today? How will we define Humanism to help us now?

Join the conversation with Hester Brown, SELHuG Secretary, as she explores definitions starting with the 1952 Amsterdam Declaration agreed by the first World Humanist Congress, forerunner of Humanists International, and its 2002 update.