January Meeting: The Fabric of Democracy

When: Saturday 20 January, meet at 11.20am for a 11.30am entry slot
Where: Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey Street (map). The museum is a short walk from London Bridge station.
Tickets: book your tickets from the museum’s link here (half price if you have an Arts Fund card). 
Contact on the day: Sam on 07711 132023

The Fabric of Democracy: Propaganda Textiles 

Curated by design historian Amber Butchart, this exhibition explores printed propaganda textiles over more than two centuries. Discover how fabric designers and manufacturers have responded to political upheaval from the French Revolution through to Brexit.

Propaganda is usually associated with public art and monumental sculpture. Through this exhibition, explore how fabrics have been used as a political medium both in the home and on the body, through furnishing and fashion. Find out how textiles were used as a tool of the state across the political spectrum, from communism to fascism. Discover how a fraternal crisis in the monarchy played out on cloth, and how democracies promote national identity through textile design.

For those wishing to chat we will go to one of the cozy local cafes afterwards. The area itself is very interesting if you have not been there before.