May meeting: Adult Social Care

When: Thursday 5 May, 7.30pm
Where: New Cross Learning (map
Speakers: Ann Pickering, David Lewis and Nick Davies

This meeting will be in person but we will also be zooming this meeting for those that can’t attend or are unsure about returning to ‘real life’ meetings. Zoom link HERE.

Adult social care is gaining more prominence. People are becoming less reluctant to talk about their old age and more concerned about provision of care either for themselves or for elderly or sick relations or friends. Age UK has estimated that 1.5 million older people in England, that is about 1 in 7 of the population aged 65 and over, may not be getting the social care they need. Politicians are realising that, despite the huge problems of providing an effective national care service, there is also a huge political prize to be won by doing so. In September 2021 the government set out proposals for the reform of adult social care to be funded by a new tax – the Health and Social Care Levy – which we’ll all be paying. So it’s time that SELHuG paid attention.

At this meeting we’ll have three speakers:
Our Treasurer Ann Pickering will address the demand side of the topic: what’s involved in finding and financing appropriate care. Ann has extensive experience of this, both through her own family and through her solicitor’s practice.
Our member David Lewis will address the supply side, what’s involved in providing such a service. David is part owner of a care home.
And Nick Davies will address the political side: why has adult social care been the Cinderella service for so long, what happened to the various reports and recommendations on the subject and what chance do the current proposals have. Nick is Director of Adult Social Care with Royal Borough of Greenwich.

This is your chance to gain an understanding of the issues. There will be plenty of time allocated for discussion so PLEASE let us have your questions and comments beforehand.