Sept talk: Influence of humanists in politics

When: Thursday 1 September, 7.30pm 
Online Zoom link: to follow
Speaker: Madeleine Goodall

Influence of humanists in politics: from the 19th Century to today

Maddy Goodall mines the Humanist Heritage website to show how humanist ideas shape our politics

What links the architect of the NHS, the creator of the Open University, the First Director General of UNESCO, and the organisers of the world’s first anti-racism congress? The answer is humanism. Whether as politicians, activists, academics, or simply as voters, humanists have – for hundreds of years – brought about major changes in society, and contributed to winning many of the rights we enjoy today. What can we learn from the remarkable men and women who came before us, and how can we continue to bring about change – and avoid despair – today? Join us to learn more about some of these figures from the past, and discuss where we are now.

Madeleine Goodall is the Humanist Heritage Coordinator for Humanists UK. Since 2019, she has been researching the rich history and significant influence of humanism and humanists in the UK, and developing the Humanist Heritage website.